Chris Welson

Country Singer and Instrumentalist


Chris Welson was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1981. 

Music has always played a major part in Chris’ life, although, He only started singing at Karaoke bars around 2004-5. His dad was a DJ on a country music radio station for a few years.

Chris has Performed at various country music clubs around New Zealand over the years as well as a few odd performances every now and then at various places.

After quite a few years dreaming and saving, Chris has finally got the chance to record. ‘COUNTRY COVERS’ is his first album and went on sale on 11th of February 2012.

His major influences are Hank Marvin, Peter Posa, Alan Jackson, George Jones and so many more!

He is currently in the process of recording his next albums which include an Instrumental Tribute to Hank Marvin, A Gospel album and a Country album which will have a few songs that Chris has written.

Chris currently resides on the North Shore in Auckland.